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Name:city of yuggoth.
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I recall that the people went about with pale and worried faces, and whispered warnings and prophecies which no one dared consciously repeat or acknowledge to himself that he had heard. A sense of monstrous guilt was upon the land, and out of the abysses between the stars swept chill currents that made men shiver in dark and lonely places.
–H.P. Lovecraft, Nyarlathotep

in the slumber of a sleepy town....
City of Yuggoth is a short-term murder game that takes place in a mysterious city in the mountains. Characters wake up in the motel unaware of how they arrived. The city is surrounded by a fog that does not permit them to leave. During their initial arrival, they will find strange occult happenings and interact with the Innskeeper and a mysterious voice known as The Old One. It is up to the players to unravel the mystery of their abduction, the enigmatic signs appearing across the city and stop the murders that have begun...

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